A Rich New NFT Source: Chess as the Art of Combat

  • visual and/or auditory appeal
  • brand associations, such as athletes or performing-arts celebrities or popular gaming characters
  • close connection to a niche activity that enjoys an active, passionate, and socially connected base of acolytes who follow and/or practice it, in substantial numbers
  • Collections designed from popular trading cards and gaming characters naturally appeal to existing fanbases — bringing ready-made brand value that an NFT creator or owner can leverage.
  • Sports NFTs likewise possess brand value as well as a real-life universe that makes the associated NFT images instantly comprehensible to wide audiences.
  • For fans accustomed to owning and trading partly “virtual” assets associated with pro athletes and teams — trading cards, yearbooks, signed photographs, jerseys, and other merchandise — acquiring analogous items through NFT marketplaces will feel like a natural next step.
  • What’s more, NFT ownership can be paired with real-life or online “experiences” that range from a high-value private meeting with the celeb-athlete, to lesser but still valuable perks like group audiences, preferred seating at games, clubhouse access, a particular physical merchandise item such as a signed ball or signed uniform, etc. (Performance-based entertainment contains much the same potential as sports to support an NFT marketplace tied to existing celebrity brands, which can be leveraged through experiences and merchandise tie-ins to add further value to an NFT based on a famous performer or production.)
  • Most demand for fine-art NFTs derives from a different source: the inherent aesthetic appeal of a particular work or its artist. For visual artists, the NFT is simply a new and distinct vehicle for making and selling works that in earlier eras could have been painted, designed, sculpted, performed, etc., in physical form only.




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